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Email Subject Line


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Email Greeting & Introduction


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Email Sign Off & Signature

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Email Writing


Getting your message across


Over 300 billion emails are sent every day. How can you stop yours getting lost in the crowd?


People say letter writing is a dying art, but nothing could be further from the truth. Letter writing isn’t dying; it’s evolving…into email writing.


Newspapers, music and TV have all made the switch the digital, but they’re all relative newcomers to the party compared to written correspondence, which switched to the digital domain way back in 1971 when the first ever email was sent.


Since then email has become the internet’s killer app. Around the world, 3.5 million emails are sent per second! That means that every five minutes more people than there are in China and America combined write to each other to share news, send instructions, ask favours, tell jokes and generally keep each other in the loop.

So there’s people are most definitely still writing letters. They just happen to be sending them online.


But while the playing field might have shifted there are still rules to the game. Emails follow a lot of the same conventions and etiquettes as hand-written letters, but they also have some of their own. Writing a strong email depends as much upon understanding these rules as it does upon being a good writer.


In this section you’ll find everything you need to know about writing an email in a way that communicates your points perfectly, creates the right impression and – most importantly – achieves the result you need it to.


We cover the following topics:


How to structure an email

How to write an email subject line
How to write an email greeting and introduction
How to write an email body and call to action
How to write an email sign off and signature




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